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 The Team


With a rich 30-year history in the barbering profession, Jon has honed his skills under the guidance of master barbers across the South Coast. These extensive experiences culminate in The Barbers Lodge, his inaugural barbershop in Seaford. 

Jon's heart has always drawn him back to his hometown, and The Barbers Lodge stands as a testament to this deep-rooted connection. Here, his passion for barbering and staying ahead of the curve in both service and skill, intertwines with his love for the community; creating a warmly unique grooming haven. 

Consequently, securing an appointment with Jon often requires booking a week or two in advance, but don't worry - he highly recommends his team's similarly advanced skills!

Jack (Hutch)

Jack joined TBL on the second week of opening and has quickly garnered popularity in the shop.

His barbering education started in London and then under the supervision of Master Richard Barbeau, has himself become one of the finest barbers the South Coast has to offer.

Tobias is a man who's résumé says it all. He is an accredited Master Barber with extensive experience in male grooming - including sharing his formidable skills on stage at Barber events! 

As a humble, funny and warm character, he will truly enrich your experience at TBL.


Crispin is the latest master to enter the fold - and we had to drag him all the way over from Ireland to compliment our shop!

Cris is a fantastic barber with over twenty-three years' experience in all aspects of our trade, and we are very proud to introduce him to our floor.


 Jordan is a fantastic local edition to our team, and after passing his apprenticeship and then junior 'finishing' period, he will now serve as a drop-in barber and giving us cover when his new job allows. Be sure to look out for him on the booking system when he becomes available!


Ruby is a pure barber talent we are very proud to have onboard. Her career started in Lewes where she grew an impressive reputation and has since worked in Eastbourne before leaving it all behind to pursue other creative projects.

Not being able to quell the love for her first craft, Ruby has once again entered the barbering world and it is all the brighter for it.

On Maternity Leave

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